Why iPhone 13 Pro Max Volume Is So Low?


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The iPhone 13 Pro Max, regarded as Apple’s premier device, has received extensive praise for its advanced features and excellent performance.

Meanwhile, a surprisingly low volume is perplexing for specific customers’ devices. Despite the sophisticated audio capabilities, many iPhone lovers still need to understand the apparent lack of volume.

This article reveals iPhone fans’ general global problems. Investigating the mysterious low-volume issue reveals technical and user problems.

Why iPhone 13 Pro Max Volume Is So Low?

The major reason is your iPhone’s low volume which can be increased using the volume buttons. Sometimes we accidentally lower the volume from the buttons and forget about it. The iPhone 13 Pro Max’s audio balancing settings significantly impact how consumers think about loudness levels.

Features like automatic loudness reduction may also causing the low sound in your iPhone. An out-of-date iOS version might cause compatibility issues or flaws that impair how well the device plays audio. One factor in the sense of low sound levels is the “Do Not Disturb” option.

Which essentially mutes all incoming calls, alarms, and music. Although rare, momentary software problems can cause sharp drops in loudness. While improving call clarity, introducing phone noise cancellation unintentionally changes how loud a call sounds.

  • The Sound Is In Muted Mode
    One of the most frequent causes of the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s low volume is that the sound may have unintentionally been changed to muted mode. All sound output is disabled when a device is muted, making the sound level appear low. Users may need to pay more attention to this simple setting, leaving them confused and frustrated when their smartphone remains silent.
  • Audio Balance
    The audio balance settings may also factor into the low volume problem. Even when the overall sound output is working correctly, audio that is unbalanced or skewed to one side may create the impression that the volume on the afflicted side is lower. The loudness differential between the left and right channels becomes particularly obvious when using stereo speakers or headphones.
  • Reduce Loud Sounds
    Modern audio processing features on the iPhone 13 Pro Max protect consumers’ ears. To avoid potential harm, it could automatically lower the level of loud noises, which might cause users to perceive the total loudness as lower than intended. Even though this safety function is proper, some users find it unsettling when there is brief noise reduction in noisy surroundings or intense media listening.
  • Phone Noise Cancellation
    Active noise cancellation is a feature of the iPhone 13 Pro Max that uses several microphones to block out background noise while on the phone. While improving call clarity, this function may accidentally cause the device to appear quieter by altering how volume is perceived. Users could hear a very modest reduction in background noise during calls, creating the impression that the loudness of the call is quieter.
  • Do Not Disturb Mode
    All incoming calls, alerts, and audio are muted when “Do Not Disturb” is turned on to avoid disruptions. Users can think the volume is low due to the device intentionally muting all audio output, which gives the appearance of lower volume levels. This ability is helpful when individuals need complete silence for meetings, sleep, or other activities.
  • Dust On The Speaker Grill
    On the iPhone 13 Pro Max, an accumulation of dust, grit, or debris on the speaker grill can limit sound transmission and cause muffled audio and a reduction in loudness. Small debris might build up on the speaker grill over time, affecting the output’s volume and clarity.
  • Temporary Software Issue
    Occasionally, a brief software error or defect may result in decreased volume levels on the device. Future software upgrades or system resets can usually fix such problems. Users may notice abrupt volume dips due to software glitches, which can be confusing until fixed.
  • Outdated iOS Version
    Lower volume levels might result from compatibility problems or bugs introduced by an obsolete iOS operating system that affect the device’s audio performance. Updating iOS to the most recent version frequently resolves such issues. Users who push off or don’t do software updates may still have problems with audio, which could affect the device’s general volume efficiency.

How to fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Volume Is So Low

First of all check that your device does not have silent mode enabled. On the side of the phone is a physical switch that you can use to mute the device. You can ensure that the sound output’s left and right channels are divided equally using the audio balance controls.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has a built-in “Reduce Loud Sounds” function to safeguard users’ hearing. If you get muffled music and notifications, check that the “Do Not Disturb” setting is disabled. 

Use a soft brush or compressed air to carefully clean the speaker grill to eliminate collected dust and debris and increase loudness and audio quality. A hard reboot or a software upgrade to the most recent iOS version will frequently fix the issue if you have any transient software difficulties resulting in low volume. Updates to software usually bring improvements and bug fixes that might fix issues with audio.

Don’t Mute The Sound

Users must ensure the device is not muted to fix the low volume issue on the iPhone 13 Pro Max caused by the muted sound. It may be accomplished by changing the phone’s physical mute switch or opening the Settings app and turning off the mute feature.

  • The physical mute switch for your iPhone 13 Pro Max may be there. To unmute the device, move the switch the other way if it is in the “muted” position (with a red light displayed).
  • Alternatively, use your iPhone’s Settings app. Depending on your iOS version, go to “Sounds & Haptics” or “Sound & Touch” settings. To activate sound, toggle “Mute” or “Silent Mode” off.

Why iPhone 13 Pro Max Volume Is So Low? | iphonescape.com

Adjust Audio Balance

Users can check the sound balance settings in the Accessibility section of the Settings app to fix the low volume issue brought on by the audio balance settings. Users may equally distribute the audio output between the left and proper channels by setting the balance sliders, which eliminates any feeling of decreased volume on one side.

  • The iPhone 13 Pro Max’s Settings app should be opened. Then click “Accessibility.” You may locate “Balance,” also known as “Left/Right Audio Balance,” under the “Audio/Visual” section.

Why iPhone 13 Pro Max Volume Is So Low? | iphonescape.com

Enable Reduce Loud Sounds

Consumers need no specific instruction to use this function because the iPhone 13 Pro Max automatically reduces intense sounds to protect users’ hearing. Users might consider manually lowering the overall level to provide a more constant sound output, particularly in settings where the sound decrease is more audible.

  • The iPhone 13 Pro Max already has this capability built-in and doesn’t need to be activated by the user.
  • However, you may manually set the volume to a pleasing level if you like a steady sound output and don’t want the automated muting of loud noises.

Enable Phone Noise Cancellation

The phone’s noise-cancelling tool has made the sound low, but users don’t need to do anything else to fix it. This function silences distracting background noise so that phone calls go more smoothly.

    • Since the iPhone 13 Pro Max already has noise cancellation built in, there is no need to enable it.
    • During phone calls, the device instantly uses several microphones to reduce unwanted noise.

Why iPhone 13 Pro Max Volume Is So Low? | iphonescape.com

Turn Off Do Not Disturb Mode

All incoming calls, alerts, and audio are muted when this mode is enabled to avoid distractions. Users can think the volume is low since the device intentionally mutes all audio output, creating the appearance of low volume levels.

  • Open the iPhone’s Settings app. I looked for the “Do Not Disturb” option and touched on it.
  • Verify that “Do Not Disturb” is disabled. The mode is used if the toggle switch is green or activated. To turn it off.
  • Alternatively, the Do Not Disturb mode may be checked and turned off straight from the Control Center. 
  • Look for the “Do Not Disturb” icon in the Control Center, denoted by a half-moon under the “Focus” header. Tap the symbol to exit the Do Not Disturb mode if it is active or highlighted.

Why iPhone 13 Pro Max Volume Is So Low? | iphonescape.com

Clean Up The Speaker Grill

Users can use a soft brush or compressed air to carefully clean the speaker grill to resolve the low volume and muted audio produced by dust or debris on the grill. The sound transmission may be improved, and the loudness can be returned to normal by clearing away any collected dust.

  • Apply a soft brush or compressed air to the speaker grill of your iPhone 13 Pro Max to gently clean it.
  • Cleaning the speaker grill can enhance sound transmission and return loudness levels to normal.

Why iPhone 13 Pro Max Volume Is So Low? | iphonescape.com

Hard Reboot

Upgrading the iPhone 13 Pro Max to the most recent iOS version or restarting the computer can fix temporary software difficulties that cause low volume. Updates to software frequently contain bug fixes and enhancements that can address such issues.

  • Hard restart your iPhone 13 Pro Max to resolve any momentary software difficulties resulting in low volume.
  • To achieve this, press and hold the volume button up or down, along with the power button, until the Apple logo appears.

Why iPhone 13 Pro Max Volume Is So Low? | iphonescape.com

Update iOS 

To recover from low-extent difficulties due to an old iOS version, users need to upgrade their iPhone 13 Pro Max to the latest version of iOS. Normal volume levels may be restored when the operating device has been upgraded to cope with compatibility problems and any flaws affecting the device’s overall audio performance. 

  • Verify that the version on your iPhone is the present day by checking. Select “General” after which “Software Update” in “Settings”. 
  • Download and install any updates to correct compatibility troubles or flaws.

Why iPhone 13 Pro Max Volume Is So Low? | iphonescape.com

How Can I Improve The Sound Quality Of My iPhone 13 Pro Max?

You can do it by applying audio specific setting to you iPhone. Investigate the device’s audio settings first, then regulate the adjustment to fit your tastes and the sounds you are now attentive to. To beautify the audio experience, try out numerous presets or adjust the equalization settings.

As against regular audio streams, consider selecting specialist audio packages or streaming offerings that offer lossless or high-fidelity audio formats, given that they can deliver better-quality sound.

Additionally, to truly admire the iPhone’s extraordinary audio abilities, spend money on fabulous headphones or audio systems with a wide frequency range and robust bass response. Additionally, because many of these applications are free or cheap, remember to utilize an EQ app to track the sound satisfactory for your choices.

  • Use High-Quality Headphones Or Speakers

Even if your iPhone has great microphones and speakers, you can only make the best sound using good speakers or headphones. Purchase a solid set of speakers or headphones with a broad frequency range and strong bass response.

  • Use An Equalizer App

You can customize the sound quality of your iPhone with the help of an EQ app. Numerous EQ applications are offered for free or at a low cost.

  • Turn On Sound Check

You won’t need to continually change the level since Sound Check normalizes the loudness of any audio played on your iPhone. Go to Settings, Music, then Sound Check to enable Sound Check.

  • Use Headphones With Noise Cancellation

Noise-cancelling headphones can improve music quality when listening in a noisy environment by decreasing noise in the background.

Why iPhone 13 Pro Max Volume Is So Low? | iphonescape.com


Many users have brought up the strange issue of their smartphones’ low volume. We investigated the many crucial causes of this issue and proposed several possible solutions. Unintentional sound muting, audio balancing settings, obsolete iOS versions, etc., require a higher volume.

Users can investigate several tactics to improve the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s audio quality. EQ software can be used to change the sound settings. Along with noise-cancelling models, you can purchase premium speakers or headphones.

Consistent loudness levels across audio content may also be achieved by enabling Sound Check in the settings. Maintaining a clean speaker grill and considering a hard reboot or software update can help fix momentary software issues that impact loudness.

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