How To Fix iPhone 14 Pro Max Getting So Hot While Charging?

How To Fix iPhone 14 Pro Max Getting So Hot While Charging? |

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With the cutting-edge technology and feature-packed capabilities of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, charging your iPhone should be hassle-free. Still, several customers have reported the unsettling problem of their iPhones overheating during charging. 

In addition to possibly shortening your phone’s lifespan, overheating also raises safety issues. These safety issues are mostly concerned with your iPhone’s health. 

This tutorial will cover the possible causes of your iPhone 14 Pro Max overheating when charging and simple, step-by-step fixes. 

How To Fix iPhone 14 Pro Max Getting So Hot While Charging?

You can fix it by checking iPhone’s software, inspecting the charging cable, evaluating the charging environment, checking battery’s health, restarting the settings, lowering the brightness, turning off WiFi, restarting iPhone, turning off location, using wireless charger and removing access accessories.

Check for Software Issues

First, software-related problems can cause the device to produce excessive heat during charging. The device may overwork and produce heat due to background operations, software flaws, or unsuitable apps.

You may check your iPhone’s iOS version by navigating to “Settings”> “General”> “Software Update.” Install any available updates.

Close unused background programs by double-clicking the home button or, on iPhone models without a home button, sliding up from the bottom and removing the app windows. Any newly installed third-party applications generating issues or overtaxing the system should be uninstalled.

How To Fix iPhone 14 Pro Max Getting So Hot While Charging? |

Inspect the Charging Cable and Adapter

The iPhone 14 Pro Max may overheat due to a defective charging cable or adapter. Damaged or uncertified accessories may produce too much heat or result in electrical problems.

Look for physical flaws like frayed wires, bent pins, or loose connections in the charging cable and adapter. If required, swap them out.

Ensure you utilize an iPhone-specific charging cord and adapter that Apple has approved. To see whether the problem still exists, try charging your smartphone with a new cable and adapter.

How To Fix iPhone 14 Pro Max Getting So Hot While Charging? |

Evaluate Charging Environment

The area in which you charge your iPhone may also impact its temperature. The device may heat up when charging due to an excessively hot environment or poor airflow.

Avoid using your iPhone to charge in hot or direct sunlight. Choose cool locations with excellent ventilation. To improve heat dissipation when charging, remove any cases or coverings.

Check the Battery’s Health

If the battery is defective or damaged, an iPhone may become hot when charging. Batteries may become less able to maintain a charge over time, increasing heat generation.

To check the battery status, navigate to “Settings”> “Battery”> “Battery Health.” Replace the battery if the maximum capacity is much below 100%. For a professional evaluation and battery replacement, contact Apple Support or go to an authorized repair location.

How To Fix iPhone 14 Pro Max Getting So Hot While Charging? |

Reset Settings

In rare circumstances, faulty settings or messed-up system setups might cause charging to generate too much heat. Press and hold the volume down and power buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo displays to perform a soft reset.

If the problem still exists, do a factory reset by selecting “Settings”> “General”> “Reset”> “Erase All Content and Settings.” Before moving further, don’t forget to back up your data.

Lower Screen Brightness

The screen’s brightness may cause your iPhone 14 Pro Max to heat up while charging. The charging procedure contributes to the overall heat production, and the display uses a lot of electricity. We advise reducing the screen brightness when charging to solve this problem.

Open your iPhone’s “Settings” app and choose “Display & Brightness.” To lower the brightness level, slide the brightness bar to the left. As a result, the display uses less energy and won’t heat up as much while charging.

How To Fix iPhone 14 Pro Max Getting So Hot While Charging? |


Turn Off WiFi When Not Using It

Another factor in your iPhone’s heating up while charging is WiFi connectivity. The device may require more power due to background activities and data synchronization, which increases heat production. You may minimize these operations and lower the heat generated during charging by turning off WiFi when not in use.

To open the Control Center, swipe downward from the top-right portion of the iPhone screen. To turn off WiFi, tap the WiFi symbol. As an alternative, open the “Settings” app, choose “WiFi,” and turn the switch to “off.” When you need WiFi, don’t forget to re-enable it.

How To Fix iPhone 14 Pro Max Getting So Hot While Charging? |

Restart Your iPhone

Software bugs or unrelated background tasks may occasionally result in excessive power usage and heat production when charging. By deleting temporary files and refreshing the system, restarting your iPhone can assist in fixing these problems.

Until the power-off slider displays, press and hold the power button (or the power button and volume up button together). To switch off your iPhone, slide the power slider to the right. Press and hold the power button again after a brief delay until the Apple logo shows to signal that your iPhone is restarting.

How To Fix iPhone 14 Pro Max Getting So Hot While Charging? |

Turn Off Location Services

Location services, which different applications use to locate your smartphone, can increase the heat and electricity required when charging. Numerous apps often utilize GPS and other location functions, putting additional stress on the battery and perhaps overheating the device.

Open your iPhone’s “Settings” app and tap “Privacy.” Then, choose “Location Services” and turn the function off by toggling the switch. It can help reduce overheating concerns by preventing apps from repeatedly querying your device’s location while charging.

How To Fix iPhone 14 Pro Max Getting So Hot While Charging? |

Use a Wireless Charger

Using a wireless charger disperses heat more evenly than using a cable charger. In general, wireless charging produces less heat than conventional cable charging. The lack of physical connections decreases the possibility of heat accumulation, lowering the danger of overheating.

Purchase a Qi-compatible wireless charger, and set your iPhone 14 Pro Max on it while it is charging. To avoid overheating, ensure the charger can withstand the power demands of your smartphone. Using an unsuitable or poor-quality charger can do just that.

Remove All Excessive Accessories

While your iPhone is charging, additional accessories may restrict airflow and prevent heat from being dissipated. Cases, grips, or coverings that completely enclose your smartphone run the risk of trapping heat, raising the temperature while it charges.

Before charging, remove any extra cases or accessories from your iPhone. It makes heat escape more effectively possible and lowers the risk of overheating. If you would rather use a protective case, ensure it is well-ventilated and doesn’t prevent the device from dissipating heat.

Does iPhone Overheating Affect the Battery?

Overheating can have a significant negative impact on the durability and performance of an iPhone, especially its battery life. At the same time, some heat is to be expected during continuous use or charging. Sometimes overheating indicates a serious battery health issue. 

The longevity and capacity of the iPhone battery are mostly affected by overheating. The ideal operating range for a healthy iPhone battery is between 32°F and 95°F (0°C and 35°C). Beyond this range, especially at the higher end of the spectrum, exposing the device to severe temperatures can permanently harm the battery, reducing capacity or battery life.

Between 500 and 700 full charge cycles are the most that an iPhone battery can withstand before the performance begins to suffer. Overheating can shorten the battery’s lifespan, accelerate deterioration, and decrease the number of cycles available. 

The increased pace of chemical reactions inside the battery at high temperatures causes the accelerated deterioration of the battery’s components.

How To Fix iPhone 14 Pro Max Getting So Hot While Charging? |

Is it OK To Use the iPhone 14 Pro Max While Charging?

There are no significant issues with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, and using it while charging is safe. Apple designed the iPhone for users to use while connected to a power source and charging. The device may be used and charged simultaneously without experiencing any adverse effects. 

Connecting your iPhone 14 Pro Max to a power source allows you to browse the internet, view movies, or play games.

It is essential to remember that continual use, while the device is charging, might cause it to overheat, damaging it and limiting its usefulness. We advise you to keep an eye on the device’s temperature and to stop using it if you notice it becoming noticeably heated.

If the smartphone is heavily used when charging, the battery won’t recharge as rapidly, which might increase the charging time. 

Apple suggests that you avoid exposing the iPhone 14 Pro Max to extreme temperatures for a lengthy period. It includes keeping it in direct sunlight or using it in hot weather while charging. Doing so can retain the most outstanding performance and battery life. Overheating can reduce a battery’s life expectancy and, over time, cause capacity loss.

How To Fix iPhone 14 Pro Max Getting So Hot While Charging? |

Is iPhone 14 Pro Max Heating Considered Normal?

The iPhone 14 Pro Max generates heat like any other cutting-edge smartphone device. Even if it efficiently handles heat, it is essential to understand what constitutes typical heating and the circumstances that may indicate a problem. Otherwise, you may face serious hardware damage.

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that smartphones, like the iPhone 14 Pro Max, come with potent CPUs and other parts that might generate heat when doing demanding tasks like gaming, streaming videos, or using resource-intensive programs. We predict that some heat production will occur within typical operating limits.

Apple has developed several cooling methods to guarantee the device stays within acceptable temperature limits and has constructed the device to handle this heat correctly.

However, if you believe your iPhone 14 Pro Max is overheating, there are a few things to consider. The environment has a significant impact on device temperature.

How To Fix iPhone 14 Pro Max Getting So Hot While Charging? |


Software problems, charging equipment, charging environment, battery health, settings, and other characteristics like screen brightness, WiFi, location services, and excessive accessories can all contribute to the overheating of an iPhone 14 Pro Max when charging.

Updating software, only using official chargers, monitoring battery life and settings, and controlling data consumption on WiFi and GPS services are all viable options.

Using a wireless charger and eliminating unnecessary extras can also help with temperature control. The battery will naturally generate heat during operation and charging, but too much heat might cause irreparable damage and shorten its lifespan.

Although it is possible to use the iPhone 14 Pro Max while it is charging, there is a risk of the device overheating if use is prolonged or used in hot environments. As a result, little usage should be allowed. At the same time, charge the battery and maintain the device in a cold environment to preserve its health and longevity.

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