How To Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Running Hot When Charging?

How To Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Running Hot When Charging |

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In a world where smartphones have become our companions, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a monument to innovation and cutting-edge technology.

But even the most sophisticated devices can have glitches. The iPhone 13 Pro Max frequently runs hotter than usual when charging, which is a common problem.

In this article, we’ll look at what’s causing this problem and how to fix it so your device stays cool and works while charging.

How To Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Running Hot When Charging?

You can fix it by using Apple’s official adapter and an approved cable for safe and fast charging. Both components are essential to use but may cause such issues. Official components ensure everything, including hardware, works perfectly and keep the iPhone from getting too hot while charging.

Adjusting the screen brightness and choosing the optimum charging spot will protect your iPhone from overheating. Lowering brightness saves charging and GPU load, reducing heat. Charge a device in a cool place to increase its life.

Monitor how often you use apps and take off your iPhone case while charging to reduce overheating. Keeping your iOS up-to-date is also important to ensure your iPhone 13 Pro Max works well and doesn’t get too hot. Keep these simple steps in mind to keep the device working well.

You can ensure your device works well by turning off background app updates and deactivating location services. It will put less pressure on the processor and keep the device at the right temperature while charging.

1. Use Apple’s Official Adapter

2. Use Certified Cable

3. Turn Down Brightness

4. Place The iPhone At The Optimal Temperature

5. Data vs. WiFi

6. Force Stop Unnecessary Apps

7. Remove iPhone Case

8. iOS Updates

9. Disable Refreshing Apps In The Background

10. Reset All Settings

11. Disable Hotspots And Bluetooth

12. Turn Off Location Services

13. Restore iPhone As New

Use Apple’s Official Adapter

You must use the certified adapter from the Apple Store, especially for your iPhone 13 Pro Max. While third-party adapters are frequently less expensive, they have cheap, low-quality material and compatibility issues, which could lead to problems with heating during the charging process.

  • Ensure the official Apple adapter that came with your iPhone is in place. Insert the cable’s USB end into the adaptor. Attach the cable’s Lightning end to your iPhone.

How To Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Running Hot When Charging |

Use Certified Cable

Ensuring that the Lightning cable you use to charge your device is certified and of the highest quality is essential. The cable you select with the approved adapter is as important as the adapter for ensuring safe and effective charging. Damaged or non-certified cables can potentially interfere with the charging process, resulting in ineffective power transfer and increased heat production.

  • Ensure the Lightning cable you use is in good working condition and certified. Insert the cable’s USB end into the authorized Apple adaptor.

How To Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Running Hot When Charging |

Turn Down Brightness

The screen’s brightness must be turned down to keep your iPhone from getting too hot while charging. A brighter screen not only uses more power but also produces more heat. By lowering the screen’s brightness, you can reduce the impact on the GPU, which can become a major heat source and save a lot of battery.

  • Get your iPhone 13 Pro Max unlocked. Swipe down from the screen’s upper-right corner to access the Control Center.
  • To lower the screen’s brightness, move the brightness slider. Alternatively, manually reduce the brightness slider by going to “Settings” and managing “Display & Brightness.”

How To Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Running Hot When Charging |

Place The iPhone At The Optimal Temperature

One of the most important factors in avoiding overheating when charging your iPhone is the temperature of your surroundings. To keep your device working at an optimal temperature, you must charge it in a place with a steady, moderate temperature, ideally around 20°C or 68°F.

  • Avoid charging your iPhone in extremely hot or cold temperatures since this might impact battery life. Instead, charge it in a room with a steady, moderate temperature.

How To Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Running Hot When Charging |

Data vs. WiFi

Dart or stream media while charging using a steady WiFi connection rather than cellular data whenever possible. Data-intensive tasks like playing online games, streaming HD videos, or downloading big files can load your phone’s processor and wireless radios.

  • Get your iPhone’s “Settings” open. Make your way to “Cellular” or “Mobile Data.” Turn “Cellular Data” off to limit WiFi use to data-intensive tasks while charging.

How To Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Running Hot When Charging |

Force Stop Unnecessary Apps

You must close or force-stop any background programs that aren’t necessary to avoid overusing CPU resources, which might cause your iPhone 13 Pro Max to overheat while charging.

  • To open the App Switcher, double-press the home button or slide up from the bottom of the iPhone screen with Face ID. Swipe up on the app windows to force-quit or close needless background apps.

How To Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Running Hot When Charging |

Remove iPhone Case

Taking off your iPhone case while charging is a smart move that can improve the general thermal management of your device. If you do this, your iPhone 13 Pro Max can disperse heat more effectively and operate at a healthier temperature.

  • Take off your iPhone case with caution. To charge, place your iPhone on a sturdy surface.

How To Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Running Hot When Charging |

iOS Updates

Updating the operating system on your iPhone 13 Pro Max is essential for keeping it running at its best and resolving several problems, including overheating. These upgrades have been carefully produced to increase your device’s efficiency and stability. 

  • Get your iPhone’s “Settings” open. After swiping down, select “General.” Select “Software Update” to find and apply the most recent iOS updates.

How To Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Running Hot When Charging |

Disable Refreshing Apps In The Background

Disabling background app refresh is one of the most important ways to reduce processor load and prevent overheating problems with your iPhone 13 Pro Max. By not letting apps run in the background unless needed, this method gives more importance to maintaining system resources.

  • Open“Settings.” After swiping down, choose “General.” Then select “Background App Refresh.” For apps that don’t require background updates, turn off the switch.

How To Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Running Hot When Charging |

Reset All Settings

If everything else fails and the overheating issue persists when charging your iPhone 13 Pro Max, you might want to attempt a “Reset All Settings.” This operation restores your device’s initial settings without deleting your personal information.

  • Open “Settings.” After swiping down, select “General.” After swiping to the bottom, select “Reset.” Check “Reset All Settings” after selecting it.

How To Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Running Hot When Charging |

Disable Hotspots And Bluetooth

Turn off Bluetooth connections and personal hotspots when not in use, which can lead to increased heat generation. Overusing Bluetooth connections and hotspots when not needed can reduce your device’s battery life and even cause it to overheat.

  • To turn off Bluetooth, tap “Bluetooth” and toggle it off. Select “Personal Hotspot” from the “Settings” menu once more, and if not in use, flip it off.

How To Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Running Hot When Charging |

Turn Off Location Services

On your iPhone, limiting location services can help reduce overheating. Location services can function only when necessary (e.g., “While Using” for apps) or temporarily disabled to reduce your device’s GPS load and help prevent overheating problems while charging.

  • Turn on the device and open “Settings.” After swiping down, select “Privacy.” Navigate to “Location Services.”
  • You can modify the location settings of individual apps or turn off “Location Services” to eliminate them.

How To Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Running Hot When Charging |

Restore iPhone As New

As a last option, you can restore your iPhone as a new device. It could fix any software-related problems causing overheating by wiping all data and settings and setting up your device like a new one.

  • Turn on the iPhone and click on  “Settings.” Select “General.” Swiping down, select “Reset.” Make sure you choose “Erase All Content and Settings.”
  • To verify the action, provide your Apple ID or passcode. To finish the process, adhere to the on-screen instructions.

How To Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Running Hot When Charging |

Is It Okay To Use iPhone 13 Pro Max While Charging?

Yes, you can use your iPhone 13 Pro Max while it charges, but it’s not recommended to use and charge the smartphone simultaneously. Apple’s phones, like the iPhone 13 Pro Max, are safe to use while charging. It will slow down the rate of charging, but it’s normal.

Keep an eye on your iPhone’s “battery health” over time. Using your phone often while it’s charged or using accessories that aren’t approved could speed up the battery’s degradation. In the “Battery” part of the “Settings” app, you can check the health of your battery.

How To Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Running Hot When Charging |

  • Your Phone May Charge Slower

When you use your phone while charging, the power source runs the phone and charges the battery simultaneously. It means the phone’s battery won’t charge as fast as it would if you weren’t using it.

  • Your Phone May Get Warmer

When charging the battery, it heats up. Even more heat will be released if you use the phone while charging. It is usually not a problem, but if your phone gets hot, you should stop using it until it has cooled down.

  • Avoid Using Certain Features

Some things you can do on your phone, like playing games and watching videos, use more power than others. If you use one of these features while the phone is charging, it could cause it to get too hot. Waiting until the phone is fully charged to use these applications is best.

Will The iPhone Stop Charging When Hot?

Yes, it will indeed stop charging when your iPhone becomes too hot. This safety function is meant to keep your battery from being harmed. For lithium-ion batteries found in iPhones, heat is the battery’s greatest enemy. A lithium-ion battery may deteriorate and lose its capacity to hold a charge when it becomes too hot. 

A lithium-ion battery may even catch fire in the worst situation. Depending on the iPhone model and the particular conditions, there may be differences in the limit to which charging is stopped. Apple used advanced temperature sensors and algorithms to monitor the device’s temperature and adjust charging.

The iPhone might stop charging and show a temperature warning on the screen to let the user know that the device needs to cool down before it can start charging again. This alert shows that the device is taking safety measures to avoid overheating.


To avoid overheating, it’s important to use Apple’s official adapter and a certified cable, change the screen brightness, choose the best place to charge, and track how much you use apps. For the best results, you must keep your iOS up to date. You can fix overheating problems by turning off background app updates and resetting all settings.

You can reduce the heat your phone produces while charging by turning off unnecessary features like Bluetooth and personal hotspots and controlling location services. As a last option, restoring your iPhone to factory settings can fix stubborn software problems that cause it to get too hot.

Even though it’s usually safe to use your iPhone 13 Pro Max while charging, you should be aware of the battery’s health, the possibility of slower charging speeds, and the possibility of more heat being produced. Apple introduced new security features, including the ability to stop charging if the iPhone overheats during the charging process.

The iPhone has built-in safety features that stop charging instantly if the device gets too hot. It prevents damaging or harming the battery. Ensure that you charge the device in a secure location and properly note any temperature warnings displayed by the device.

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