Can I Take My iPhone to Sauna?

Can I Take My iPhone to Sauna? |

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Taking in the calming warmth of a sauna is a time-honored habit that offers a break from the rush of daily life. 

Can we bring our beloved iPhone friends along for the relaxation journey as we look for methods to relax and unplug from our digital worlds? It’s only reasonable to question if these potent pocket electronics, which put the entire world at our fingertips, can endure a sauna’s tremendous heat and humidity. 

In this article, the exciting world of iPhone saunas is explored, along with the possible dangers, helpful advice, and the final determination of whether or not your favorite smartphone can be your sauna partner.

Can I Take My iPhone to Sauna? 

Bringing your iPhone to a sauna is typically not advised because of the hazards of exposing it to intense heat and humidity. Saunas typically have high temperatures (130°F–170°F/40°C–50°C) and humidity. Electronic devices, like iPhones, are not made to resist such harsh settings.

Overheating is one of the main worries. To safeguard the internal components, iPhones have temperature limits over which they may shut down or exhibit performance difficulties. Prolonged sauna heat may damage the phone’s battery and render it unresponsive.

Furthermore, dampness might also be harmful. Condensation may develop within your iPhone as you move it from a warm, humid sauna to a colder environment. The phone’s operation may be impacted by water damage if this moisture seeps into delicate parts.

Risks Of Taking My iPhone To A Sauna

It is advised to avoid bringing your iPhone into a sauna because doing so exposes it to several threats. High temperatures are intended for saunas, so exposing your iPhone to them might cause it to overheat. 

The likelihood of condensation accumulating within a sauna is increased by the sauna’s high heat and humidity levels. When you leave the sauna and enter a colder area, the fast temperature shift might lead to moisture getting into the phone. 

It might cause internal parts to corrode, short out, or get damaged over time. It may even cause permanent water damage in extreme circumstances, leaving your iPhone unusable and needing expensive repairs.

  • Overheating

Saunas are made expressly to produce high temperatures, usually between 130°F and 170°F (40°C and 50°C). The high heat may cause your iPhone to overheat if you bring it into a situation like that. The internal temperature sensors in iPhones keep track of the device’s temperature. 

To prevent internal components from being harmed, the iPhone may immediately shut down or encounter performance difficulties if the temperature reaches specific levels. Frequent exposure to the sauna’s intense heat degrades the phone’s battery, shortening battery life and possibly causing hardware failure.

Can I Take My iPhone to Sauna? |

  • Battery Damage

Since lithium-ion batteries are susceptible to temperature fluctuations, saunas are an unfriendly place for them. The battery may deteriorate more quickly due to enhanced chemical processes brought on by the sauna’s intense heat. 

As a result, the battery progressively loses capacity over time, and you could find that your iPhone requires charging more frequently. In extreme circumstances, a battery’s continued exposure to high temperatures can cause it to swell or fail, requiring a costly battery replacement.

Can I Take My iPhone to Sauna? |

  • Condensation

Condensation may develop within your iPhone due to the sudden change from the sauna’s intense heat and humidity to a colder environment. The phone’s operation is at risk when moisture gets inside the device and corrodes or short-circuits the sensitive internal components. 

Water damage might be irreversible, which is a genuine issue, and restoring or recovering an iPhone from water damage can be expensive and time-consuming. If your phone works after a sauna session, internal condensation damage may slowly decrease functionality.

  • Screen Damage

The increased humidity inside a sauna might damage the display of your iPhone. Water damage or fogging on the screen might result from moisture penetrating it. It can reduce the screen’s touch sensitivity and render its visual quality hazy or blurry. 

Consequently, you can see unpredictable behavior on the screen or unresponsive touch inputs. The cost of repairing or replacing an iPhone screen that has been damaged can be high, and any water-related damage may not be covered by the warranty, putting you on the hook for further expenses.

Can I Take My iPhone to Sauna? |

  • Voiding Warranty

You risk nullifying your iPhone’s warranty if you bring it inside a sauna. Apple’s guarantee excludes damage from severe conditions, which includes using your phone in a sauna. You can find yourself in a complex and costly situation if your iPhone has problems or damage due to using a sauna. 

Without the assistance of Apple’s warranty service, you would be entirely responsible for paying for repairs, which may be expensive if the damage is severe. Bringing your iPhone into a sauna voids the warranty, hurts your wallet, and removes manufacturer support.

  • Data Loss

Your valuable data is put at risk if you subject your iPhone to the harsh conditions of a sauna. Extreme heat and humidity related malfunctions or irreversible device failure might result in irrecoverable data loss. 

If you have not created a backup, losing valuable contacts, priceless images, crucial communications, and other vital information can be upsetting. Although it is easy to ignore possible risks in the calm setting of a sauna, the effects of data loss can be enormous and extremely regrettable.

Can I Take My iPhone to Sauna? |

How Do You Keep Your Phone Cool In A Sauna?

Leaving your cell phone outside the sauna room in a secure area is recommended if you need it to stay cold within the sauna. Before entering the sauna, search for authorized areas, including lockers or cabinets, where you can appropriately preserve your telephone

Maintaining your smartphone in extreme heat and humidity can avoid overheating, condensation, and other viable harm. With this method, you may completely respect the sauna without being involved in your telephone’s protection.

Leave It Outside the Sauna Room

The safest and most straightforward approach to keeping your phone cool in a sauna is to leave it securely outside the sauna room. Before entering the sauna, locate a designated location to safely keep your phone, such as a locker or a shelf. 

You can prevent overheating, condensation, and other potential harm to your device by keeping it out of the intense heat and humidity. With this method, you can enjoy the sauna the most without being concerned about your phone’s security.

Can I Take My iPhone to Sauna? |

Use A Locker Or Waterproof Container

Use a locker or waterproof container to protect devices from heat and moisture if you prefer to keep your phone close or need it in an emergency. As a result of these containers acting as a barrier against the sauna’s high humidity, your phone won’t get wet when you go out. 

In order to prevent damage and maintain the phone’s integrity, you should make sure that the container can withstand high temperatures and is adequately robust to maintain a tight seal.

Can I Take My iPhone to Sauna? |

Turn It Off

Turning off your phone is necessary before putting it in a locker or waterproof container. Turning off your phone may save battery life and lower the chance of overheating. When turned off, your device produces less heat, reducing the likelihood of thermal problems in the sauna.

When you turn off your phone in the sauna, you reduce the likelihood that the relaxing environment will be disturbed, and you also give yourself the opportunity to relax without being disturbed by any technological devices.

Can I Take My iPhone to Sauna? |

Limit Sauna Time

Limiting the time your phone is exposed if you bring it inside the sauna is vital. The likelihood of experiencing issues increases the longer your phone is exposed to a high-temperature, high-humidity environment. 

You should keep your sauna sessions within the appropriate time frame and avoid staying too long to prevent overheating or moisture damage. It protects your phone and guarantees that you may benefit from the therapeutic effects of the sauna without affecting how well it works.

Avoid Using It In The Sauna

It’s advisable to avoid the urge to use your phone in the sauna, even if it could be tempting to do so for amusement or to keep connected. The probability of damage increases if you use your phone in the sauna since it will be exposed to heat and humidity for longer. 

Additionally, phone use prevents you from thoroughly enjoying the sauna’s relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy the chance to unplug from electronics while in the sauna so that your body and mind can thoroughly relax.

Can I Take My iPhone to Sauna? |

How Long Can I Have My Phone In The Sauna?

In a sauna, your mobile phone will not last more than 20 minutes and will suffer heat damage. A sauna typically has a temperature of 40–50 degrees Celsius or 130–170 degrees Fahrenheit. Most phones are not made to function in environments hotter than 125 degrees Fahrenheit (52 degrees Celsius).

Therefore, even if you simply use your phone for a short time in the sauna, you run the danger of it becoming damaged.There is absolutely no need to carry your phone inside a sauna. Your phone’s battery and other components may suffer long-term harm from the intense heat of a sauna. 

Even if there are no apparent indicators of harm, the heat over time can gradually reduce the phone’s functionality. In addition to the heat, a sauna’s wetness might harm your phone. On the interior parts of the phone, the water vapor might condense and lead to corrosion. Short circuits, battery damage, and other issues may result from this.


A sauna’s high temperatures might cause your iPhone to overheat, shut down, or operate poorly to protect its internal components. Long-term use of a sauna can harm a phone’s battery, lowering its capacity and perhaps even causing hardware failure.

Your iPhone’s warranty can be nullified if you bring it inside a sauna, making you liable for any necessary but expensive repairs. Furthermore, exposing your iPhone to the harsh sauna environment puts your essential data in danger and might result in irreparable data loss.

The dangers of bringing an iPhone to the sauna exceed any potential advantages. The phone’s internal components may suffer serious harm and data loss due to excessive heat and humidity. 

Putting technology away and leaving your iPhone in a safe location outside the sauna is essential to genuinely appreciate the calming and rejuvenating effects of the sauna experience.

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